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Alchemize Marriage and Family Therapy


Fragile Pampas


What does our name mean?

​The term comes from alchemy, an ancient philosophical and scientific practice that aimed to transform base metals into gold, and to attain spiritual enlightenment and perfection. 


In modern usage, alchemize can refer to transforming negative emotions, experiences, or thoughts into positive ones. This involves taking difficult or painful experiences, and using them as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. This process may involve reframing negative beliefs, developing new skills or coping strategies, or cultivating greater self-awareness and acceptance.

Overall, the process of alchemizing involves taking something that may seem ordinary or unremarkable, and transforming it into something greater, more valuable, or more meaningful. It requires creativity, perseverance, and a willingness to see potential and possibility where others may not.


Our Providers

Chelsea Morawa, MA LMFT

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Consulting Services

Our consulting services will streamline your processes and procedures in your practice or facility. We will help you learn how analyze data to track client outcomes, clinician productivity and overall health of your business. We guide you in growing as a leader and gain a better understanding of how to manage your team; improving outcomes, cohesiveness and more fulfilling work environment. 


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